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WHO WE are

Stenella consulting d.o.o. is a consultancy company aimed at conservation of nature. The company was founded by Ana Štrbenac, M.Sc. (Management of Protected Areas) in October 2017.

I have a long-term experience in nature conservation public sector of Republic of Croatia, including acting as director of the former State Institute for Nature Protection and having a position of the Head of the Expertise Division for 10 years. During that period I acquired significant knowledge, improved my skills and I met great experts and dear people. I participated in the EU accession negotiation process as active member of the Working Group responsible for Chapter 27 – Environment, I was a Chair of the Bureau of the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area (ACCOBAMS), to name a few. But most of all, I enjoyed the opportunity to actively contribute to conservation of nature.

All started with conservation of wolves in the framework of the EU LIFE project “Conservation and management of wolves in Croatia”, but the dearest to me has always been working for dolphin conservation and conservation of the marine environment in general. In a nutshell, my expertise lies in species conservation and management (particularly large carnivores and cetaceans), international relations and cooperation, reporting and preparation of nature conservation related strategic documents.

After many years of working in public sector, I have decided to continue in rather different setting. So, in October 2017, I established Stenella consulting d.o.o., a small consultancy company aimed at conservation of nature.

If you want to learn more about the company and follow its activities, check this web-site. If you want to know more about my educational background, career and similar topics, check my profile at LinkedIn.


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Nature conservation expert consultancy, focussing on species/wildlife conservation

Development of strategic plans and other planning documents; evaluation of effectiveness, in particular preparation of species conservation/management plans and analysis of management effectiveness, as well as preparation of planning documents of national and international organisations

Preparation of reports and overviews on state and conservation of nature and its components at national and international levels

Consultancy on nature conservation policies, particularly in the South-Eastern European region

Consultancy on cooperation and communication with international nature conservation organisations and institutions, with focus on organisations working with marine biodiversity (cetaceans) and large carnivores conservation issues

Consultancy on preparation, implementation and evaluation of international and national projects

Design of touristic offer (thematic tours) related to promotion and conservation of nature

IT services, including website and CMS (Content Managemen System) design, development, administration and maintenance.


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