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Out of all those millions and millions of planets floating around there in space, this is our planet, this is our little one, so we just got to be aware of it and take care of it.


                                                                                     - Paul McCartney

Photo by: Petra Štrbenac

WHO WE are

Stenella consulting d.o.o. is a consultancy company aimed at conservation of nature. The company was founded by Ana Štrbenac, M.Sc. (Management of Protected Areas) in October 2017.

Stenella consulting provides the high-quality expert knowledge based on long-term experience and combines it with innovative solutions, to support nature conservation efforts in the Mediterranean region and beyond.

Company key competences include: excellent qualifications and extensive professional experience in environmental protection, with focus on biodiversity and nature conservation at national, regional and supra-national (EU) levels; long-term professional experience in legal, institutional, and capacity strengthening improvements in the field of nature conservation; long-term professional experience in the field of species conservation and management, particularly applying the requirements of the Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) in a new EU member state; Specific knowledge on organisation of species inventorying and monitoring and conservation and management; Experience in preparation, overall coordination and implementation of projects funded from different EU pre-accession funds; Experience in creation of nature conservation policies harmonised with EU requirements, including strategic planning, preparation of biodiversity management plans and evaluation of management effectiveness;   Experience in facilitation and mediation of meetings (workshops, focus groups etc.) with different stakeholders in nature conservation including local and regional authorities, academia, CSOs, landowners and farmers, media, etc.; Excellent knowledge on nature conservation policy in the South-Easter European region and good contacts with nature conservation officers and international organisations active in the region.

In addition to competences related to nature protection, Stenella consulting has excellent knowledge and experience in various information technology services with a special emphasis on Geographical Information Systems (GIS), including creation, management and administration of spatial (geo) databases and processing, visualization (cartography), publishing and advanced analysis of geospatial data, creation of interactive web maps as well as development and design of websites (Web Content Management System) (CMS)).

Who we are

Stenella consulting provides the high quality expert knowledge based on long-term experience and practice, to support nature conservation efforts in the Mediterranean region and beyond.


Nature in a good shape for

benefits of all!

Photo by: Ivan Bagić


Photo by: Ivan Bagić


Nature conservation expert consultancy, focussing on species/wildlife conservation

Development of strategic plans and other planning documents; evaluation of effectiveness, in particular preparation of species conservation/management plans and analysis of management effectiveness, as well as preparation of planning documents of national and international organisations

Preparation of reports and overviews on state and conservation of nature and its components at national and international levels

Consultancy on nature conservation policies, particularly in the South-Eastern European region

Consultancy on cooperation and communication with international nature conservation organisations and institutions, with focus on organisations working with marine biodiversity (cetaceans) and large carnivores conservation issues

Consultancy on preparation, implementation and evaluation of international and national projects

Design of touristic offer (thematic tours) related to promotion and conservation of nature

IT services, with special emphasis on Geografic Information Systems (GIS) including management, administration, vizualisation, publishing and advanced analysis of geospatial data, development of interactive web maps as well as website (Content Management System (CMS)) development and social media marketing services

What we do

Photo by: Ana Štrbenac

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